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Name custom_weapons_v0.1.zip
Description CUSTOM WEAPONS v0.1

Notes: I basicly took my favorite weapons and put them in this folder.
Some names of the custom weapons I can't figure out, like the pistol and the gauss.

-Custom crowbar (golf club)
-Custom pistol
-Custom .357 (desert eagle). The scope works only in multiplayer.
-Custom assault rifle (M4). The scope doesn't do anything, even in multiplayer.
-Custom crossbow (scout, I think)
-Custom gauss

Installation: Copy the files to this location, C:\Sierra\Half-Life\valve\models,
depending on where you installed half-life.

Known problems: There are no reloading sounds for the pistol and desert eagle, don't
know why.

Other notes: I will not be able to answer questions for a while, but when
Custom Weapons v0.2 comes (possibly), it means either my e-mail receiver
is fixed or I have added/modified some weapons or both.

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