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 Post subject: Timewalking raids, and the problem you have.
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:21 am 

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So the idea of timewalking raids is fantastic. I like going back to old raids and doing them. But here is the problem, they are way to easily trolled, griefed and groups disband quick with no fail safe.
So what you have going on are a handful of things. First, there are instances of people forming raids. Saving people to the raid and then disbanding. This causes a bunch of issues obviously, it's a time sink and frustration for a player. Second depending on when they are saved they have to repeat bosses they already did, which depending on how many they did they could have already spent hours in there and have to do it again. Not fun.Next you have people that don't know the fights, and are so used to LFR they don't spend more than one wipe a lot of time in the raid before leaving. I mean the fights aren't hard, but do have mechanics that can wipe you. People don't have the patience nowadays, especially people who only do LFR or even Normal and think everything should be a face roll.

Please help..!

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